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                            H-e-l-l-o Teens!                         


Do you ever feel like a contestant on ‘TRY IT’ Island?       

All of us do, and we are faced with little and big temptations every day.  It’s important to know that the choices we make have consequences!   

 So… have we got a program for you!

 Come to our interactive and informative sessions about how to be creative, avoid risky sexual behavior, and make healthy choices with our virtual online program, called Sexual Risk Avoidance Education (SRAE).    Play games that relate to your everyday life.  Hear from other teens all across the state that are having some of the SAME experiences as YOU!!  Discuss and role-play how to have healthy relationships and a healthy body!  You can learn to resist temptations that will ensure success in the future through participation in our online (virtual) program sessions. 


  • 7 out of 10 teens are NOT having sex!
  • YOU determine your own level of success!
  • SRAE sessions have a clear plan on how to live a healthy and successful life



             Saturday, September 10 – registration cut off is Tues., Sept 6.

  • E-books provided to you 
  • Classes facilitated by professional, trained educators 
  • Interactive and Informative classes
  • Discuss issues with other teens


  • A signed Parental Volunteer Form completed by a parent or guardian.   (If you are 18 or 19, then you can sign up for yourself).  The form confirms that this program is voluntary.
  • A computer or smart cell phone is needed to join our ZOOM sessions.
  • An individual email address. [School email addresses cannot be used.  Instead, share a computer or phone with a friend, ask to use your parent’s phone or get a free g-mail account.] 
  • Six hours that you can commit to attending the online virtual class


  • Teens ages 13-17 will need a signed parent volunteer form that grants permission for you to participate. 
  • Older teens (18 & 19 years old) can sign which ensures the understanding that this program is voluntary.  


REGISTER for classes on our CJH SRAE WEBSITE 


                                Contact our Registration Team: 

email at cjh.srae@gmail.com or leave a Message at 919-438-3421