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Welcome Parents!


We know you are curious about our Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program (SRAE).

 It is a national federally-funded program that provides medically-appropriate information to teens ages (13-19) about the benefits of refraining from nonmarital sex and avoiding risky behaviors. This program is voluntary and requires parental permission for teens under age 18.

We offer a research-based curriculum this year called: Choosing the Best, LIFE from Choosing the Best Publishers (Atlanta, GA).  www.choosingthebest.com

Our North Carolina program is offered to adolescents who reside in the following counties: Brunswick, Duplin, Edgecombe, Halifax, Hoke, Nash, Onslow, Randolph, Roberson, Scotland, Swain, or Wilson.  These counties have high numbers of at-risk teens and teen pregnancy rates that exceed those of the state and rival those of the nation.

A project goal is to reduce teen pregnancy and encourage healthy behaviors. We advocate for positive well-being for all participants in order for them to graduate high school and have the ability to earn a living wage.  Two short topics added to the standard curriculum are Success Sequencing and Self-Regulation that talk about self-control and discipline.  Participation in the SRAE project is voluntary.

Teens that complete the 10-hour class (offered in two parts) receive a small financial incentive for their time and participation.


How can I register my teen?

Parents, I’m so glad you asked!

We invite you to visit our SRAE web page where there is a registration link. Other methods include contacting one of our partnering agencies in your county or scanning the QR code on one of our recruitment flyers.  As a reminder, a signed Parental Volunteer Form is required.

If you have more questions, email us or leave a message (they are monitored daily).

e-mail: cjh.srae@gmail.com


Leave a message (919) 438-3421

Thank you for considering our project!

 —Patricia Hopkins, SRAE Facilitator & Parent Educator


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See our recruitment flyer here: CJH-SRAE Recruitment Flyer