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Welcome Parents!

 We know you are curious about our Sexual Risk Avoidance Education Program (SRAE).

 It is a national federally-funded program that provides medically-appropriate information to teens ages (13-19) about the benefits of refraining from nonmarital sex and avoiding risky behaviors. This program is voluntary and requires parental permission for teens under age 18. Older teens can sign up for themselves.

We offer a research-based curriculum this year called: Choosing the Best, Journey series from Choosing the Best Publishers (Atlanta, GA).  www.choosingthebest.com

Our North Carolina program is offered to adolescents who reside in the following counties: Alamance, Brunswick, Cumberland, Duplin, Durham, Edgecombe, Guilford Halifax, Hoke, Nash, Onslow, Randolph, Roberson, Sampson, Scotland, Stanley, Swain, or Wilson.  These counties have high numbers of at-risk teens and teen pregnancy rates that exceed those of the state and rival those of the nation.

The project goal is to reduce teen pregnancy and encourage healthy behaviors. We advocate for positive well-being for all participants in order for them to graduate high school and have the ability to earn a living wage.  Two short topics added to the standard curriculum are Success Sequencing and Self-Regulation that talk about self-control and discipline.  Participation in the SRAE project is voluntary.

Teens that complete the class receive a small financial incentive (Walmart gift card valued at $60) for their time and participation.

How can I register my teen?

Parents, I’m so glad you asked!

We invite you to visit our SRAE web page where there is a registration link. Other methods include contacting one of our partnering agencies in your county or scanning the QR code on one of our recruitment flyers.  As a reminder, a signed Parental Volunteer Form is required.

If you have more questions, email us or leave a message (they are monitored daily).

e-mail: cjh.srae@gmail.com


Leave a message (919) 438-3421

Thank you for considering our project!


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